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Zendesk Startup CX Awards: NutriSense

NutriSense wins for Data & Insights

“With one Zendesk improvement, we will be able to reduce the number of full-time customer support specialists by five at the end of 2022, given our current growth rate.”

Dillon Sawyer

Manager of Customer Success at Nutrisense

“NutriSense can directly correlate cost savings greater than $10k per month to Zendesk custom queries and contact type tracking.”

Dillon Sawyer

Manager of Customer Success at Nutrisense

Company Headquarters

Chicago, Illinois

Number of Employees


Seed Funding

11 investors

Company founded



Decrease in contact rate for combined tickets

< $10K

Cost savings per month


Decrease in app cancellation contact rate

Data and Insights

Better data drives efficiency and cost savings

Nutrisense successfully leveraged Zendesk data to drive better business decisions, earning its title as winner of the 2022 Zendesk Startup CX Award for Data & Insights. NutriSense technology monitors blood glucose levels and helps people achieve their health goals. The support team used anecdotal insights and customer feedback within Zendesk to identify blockers that were limiting scalability from a service perspective. NutriSense quickly implemented a cross-functional solution with the company’s engineering and product teams to streamline the customer experience. The result? A 32 percent decrease in the app cancellation contact rate and cost savings greater than $10K per month.


Optimizing the in-app experience

The NutriSense customer journey is geared towards a seamless customer experience, and the company consistently leverages data, technology, and analytics to positively impact people’s lives. Members register online, fill out a health questionnaire, and log in to the NutriSense app, where they can track their glucose data, meals, sleep, and other factors to discuss with a personal dietician through in-app chat. After upgrading its Zendesk account, NutriSense began to quantify the number of cancellation requests received weekly and identified a clear blocker that was limiting scalability. Within days of having access to custom queries in Zendesk, the support team presented its findings to the company’s engineering and product teams, which prompted a unified effort to tackle in-app subscription management.


Streamlining support creates exponential value

Just three weeks after launching the app with a new subscription management feature, NutriSense had cut its average weekly contact rate for cancellations by 32 percent. Creating a seamless in-app experience for subscription management and giving the customer autonomy to make decisions without emailing support was profoundly important. Customers expressed gratitude that NutriSense listened and granted more in-app control over their subscriptions. Since operating on Zendesk, NutriSense has also seen a 33 percent decrease in contact rate for combined tickets, excluding social media. The team applied the data to its forecasting model and projected that this one Zendesk improvement will allow the company to reduce the number of full-time customer support specialists by five at the end of 2022, based on current growth. “Investing time and money in data and analytics provided an exponential return in value,” says Dillon Sawyer, manager of customer success. “Data-driven decisions helped us quantify success for the company and the customer.”

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