Come together

Zendesk Gather provides a community forum for customers to connect and collaborate

Community forum features

Build a village

Zendesk Gather helps you create a community for your customers to connect and collaborate with each other. With Gather, you can always provide them with support whenever they need it.

For members

Help them help each other

Provide a space where members can interact with their peers, get their questions answered, and exchange feedback.

Find the right information

Powerful search

Easily filter help center searches for community posts and filter results by topic.

Seamless navigation

Ensure members can find the help they need by organizing the community into browsable topics.

Featured content

Present relevant content by pinning posts across your community.


Surface popular and accurate content by upvoting and downvoting posts and comments.

Similar posts

Suggest similar posts to avoid duplicate threads and answer questions with existing content.

Get involved

Start a new thread

Interact in the community using a WYSIWYG editor to easily format posts, drag-n-drop images, or insert links.

User profiles

Manage community activity and stats in one place with the option to create an alias.


Get notifications via email by following specific topics, posts, or other members.


Tag members in threads to start conversations for better engagement and growth.

Social sharing

Share community content across Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

For admins

Go behind the scenes

Organize content like a pro so you can manage and grow your community with the right resources to boost member engagement.

Stay on top of issues

Escalate posts

Escalate posts to your support agents when one-on-one help is needed.

Post status

Tag posts with their current status—including when a question is answered and when product requests are planned, not planned, or completed.

Community moderators

Empower members to become moderators by assigning varying levels of permissions—like the ability to flag, hide, edit, and move posts.

Scale with ease

Content moderation

Use keyword filters to immediately flag posts for review and approval prior to publishing.

Spam blocking

Automatically flag suspicious content for review and approval before publishing.

Community dashboard

Easily track key metrics such as posts, comments, views, votes, subscriptions, and answers with filters by brand and date ranges.

Google Analytics

Community managers can easily track relevant metrics such as pageviews, referrals, and bounce rates.

Make it your own

Customizable themes

Easily brand your community with out of the box themes or using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Localize your community in 40+ languages so you can serve members in their native language.

Control access

Choose who can access your community with the option to require registration or make it public.

APIs to customize

Design sophisticated customizations to enhance the customer experience.


Create multiple communities for various audiences, regions, or brands. Each one is separate so you can set different permissions, create unique URLs, and customize themes to match.

SEO ready

Gather is optimized so search engines can understand your content and members can find answers no matter where they look for them.