Lead generation software

Strike gold

Reps are the pros of flipping rewarding conversations into pure profit. But finding the right prospects can waste a lot of time. With Reach, our prospecting and enrichment solution, the daunting task of finding new leads is simplified. This way your reps can spend more time on the right stuff—closing deals.

Reach the right people

Create targeted prospect lists, identify the right professionals within each account, and seamlessly prospect across multiple channels.

Stay productive

Put contact searching and verification in the right hands. Reach takes charge of keeping your dataset complete and current. All your data is seamlessly connected to your communication channels, so reps can prospect with a click of a button. Just like magic.

Feed the pipeline

With intelligent lead recommendations, you get access to over 20 million businesses and 395 million prospect records. Reps can instantly discover new opportunities to take action on.


See how it works

Too enriched
to quit

Instantly enrich lead, contact, and company records so your data is accurate, current, and comprehensive.

Never run out of leads

Build targeted lead lists using industry, company size, and more. When your list is ready, you can automate outreach with the integrated communications channels in Zendesk Sell or The Zendesk Sales Suite.

More selling, less formatting

Skip the hassle of formatting lists and importing data. Just click ‘Import’ and your new prospects are instantly added into your account. Easy peasy.

Money well spent

Empower your sales team with the good stuff.
Reach is included free of cost in The Sales Suite.

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You can also get Reach as a paid add-on to Sell starting at per seat.

*In compliance with GDPR, Sell and The Sales Suite customers who purchase Reach for use in Europe will only be provided with company information. Prospecting for individuals at a specific company and enriching leads and contacts will not be accessible.