Local and toll-free numbers

Local and toll-free numbers

Zendesk Talk lets you choose the phone number option that works best for you and your customers.

Make it simple for customers to call you

Whether your customers are within hailing distance or the other side of the world, you can provide them with a phone number that makes sense. Toll-free, local, port the number you already use, or even multiple phone numbers; it’s all possible with Zendesk Talk.

Keep it local. Or national. Or global.

Zendesk Talk offers phone numbers for more than 40 countries, including toll-free, local and national numbers. Find the full list of countries here.

Local and toll-free numbers

Multiple phone numbers

Offer multiple phone numbers to customers in different locations, or for different types of customers or service issues.

Use the number you already have

Zendesk Talk supports porting and call forwarding options, so you can choose to keep your current phone number.

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