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How 360 Payments uses collaboration tools to provide seamless customer support

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As your business grows and your customer base expands, the teams your customer support agents need to collaborate with – like sales and billing, or merchants and partners – will increase and make getting answers for your customers more complex. Your agents are often on the front lines supporting your customers, but they don’t have to be the only ones involved in providing a seamless customer experience.

Tune into this webinar to hear:

● How 360 Payment Solutions, a leading payment processing company, efficiently scaled their support operations to meet the growing demands of their customers
● How they use Zendesk to streamline their collaboration efforts across the teams they work with, and what processes they put in place to do so

Through this webinar, you’ll learn best practices on how to efficiently work with other teams that need to be involved in supporting your customers, and why equipping your agents with the right collaboration tools is key to that success.

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Rene Levequephoto

Rene Leveque

Rene Leveque is an Operations Manager at 360 Payments, a leading payment processing company headquartered in Campbell, CA. Since day one, her passion has been developing systems and processes for 360 Payments to enable the best customer and co-worker experience.

Julie Yeephoto

Julie Yee

Julie Yee is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for our flagship Zendesk Support product. She's passionate about helping customers understand the benefits of building the best customer experience with Zendesk.