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How Evernote does Self-Service with Zendesk

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Now more than ever, customers will attempt to self-serve before reaching out for assisted support. Are you offering an effective help center to meet this customer demand?

We’ve had the opportunity to sit down with innovative tech company, Evernote, who makes note-taking, sharing and searching easier than ever. Katherine Kelly, Director of Zendesk Product Marketing talks with Director of Global Customer Success at Evernote, Gerald Hastie, about their successful self-service strategies.

Here is what you will learn:

● How Evernote develops and publishes compelling content in their help center
● Where to insert self-help and customer choices into the ticketing process
● How Evernote scales agent support through communities
● Why Evernote chose to scale their self-service with Zendesk Guide

In this webinar, we’ll show what is of most value to your customers who are looking to self-serve, help you understand what your help center needs to be effective, how to take agent knowledge to create useful content, and how Zendesk Guide makes it a seamless process.

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Gerald Hastiephoto

Gerald Hastie

Gerald Hastie is Evernote’s Director of Global Customer Experience. He’s in charge of overseeing the needs of their global customer base and manages a team of 60 support agents, in addition to a success team that handles major business accounts. When Hastie came on board, the team had already been using Zendesk Support for about two years, which had been selected as a replacement for Parature.