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Optimizing your support operations as you scale with Zendesk

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Tune into this webinar to hear Zendesk General Manager, David Williams, give an inside look into what’s new and upcoming with customer service trends and how the Zendesk Support Enterprise plan provides you the tools to help you adapt. Hear a candid walkthrough of:

● The evolution of customer expectations, and how to set up your customer support    operation for long-term success
● How you can optimize your support operations as you scale
● How to get the most out of the advanced functionality in the Support Enterprise plan,    including the ability to create contextual workspaces, store and connect your own data    sources to Zendesk, and create multiple ticket forms to get the right customer    information

In these 20 minutes, you’ll walk away with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Zendesk Support so that you can take your support operations to the next level.

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David Williamsphoto

David Williams

David Williams is the Vice President and General Manager of Zendesk Support. He leads a team focused on making our flagship product the best customer support product in the industry. He is passionate about keeping the customer experience "beautifully simple" while delivering powerful features on a flexible platform.