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What a difference a simple web interface makes

Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere. Since 2005, Box has helped more than 8 million individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies do just that.

Efficient, web-based support solution encourages better processes

With a client base that ranges from free users to large, paying enterprise customers, Box’s customer support staff has to be ready for anything. Until recently, the team worked with a Windows-based support solution that had so many features and options that it was cumbersome to use.

“I work on a Mac, so I had to run a virtual machine just to use our support solution,” recalls Ryan Riddle, Customer Support Manager, Box. “The bigger problem was that because the solution was so complex, we were more focused on dealing with the software than we were with providing the best possible user experience. It was a hindrance, rather than an enabler.”

At the recommendation of his CEO, Riddle tried Zendesk – and decided to switch after seeing Zendesk’s many integrations, such as Twitter. Box worked with CustomWare, a Zendesk partner, to complete its migration and rollout. Riddle completed many of his customizations in a single evening.

“The hardest part of the implementation was changing the way we think about providing support,” says Riddle. “At first, we were trying to force our legacy processes into Zendesk – but then we realized this product is so efficient and well-designed that we should just adapt to it.”

Driving Customer Satisfaction Higher and Higher

At Box, customers are definitely the main focus, and their ultimate goal is driving customer satisfaction. Getting a true measure of customer satisfaction was difficult with their previous software, however, and it could take a week to pull a satisfaction report. “We moved from having no idea how satisfied our customers were to every rep knowing not just our overall satisfaction rating, but their own personal rating, as well,” says Riddle. Now that the team has complete visibility into this critical information, it’s almost turned into a game they play, to see who can drive even higher customer experiences.

Switching to Zendesk has resulted in a 15-20% spike in Box’s customer satisfaction, and the visibility has driven changes in internal processes to increase that rating. Good ratings from customers are displayed on monitors throughout the office, so that all employees can see the great things customers are saying about the product and their support experience. Riddle holds a weekly meeting with non-customer-facing teams, like Product and Engineering, to brief them on what customers want – and the Zendesk metrics he includes are supplemented with reviews from the customers themselves. Riddle has also set some of these teams up as Light Agents in Zendesk, so they can check in on customer satisfaction on their own. Riddle adds, “Before, no one asked to be involved.”

Macros save agents 20 to 30 seconds per ticket

When user training began, Box’s support agents were immediately struck by Zendesk’s simple, Box-branded web interface. They also appreciated the ability to see metrics on their performance – and compare themselves to their peers.

“Our old solution had a typical Windows-based software interface – kind of clunky and not much fun,” says Riddle. “Our team was really excited about Zendesk. The interface with Box branding was instantly familiar. And friendly agent competition to see who could close the most tickets was a huge morale boost for our team.”

Using Zendesk’s web interface, Box’s agents immediately became more productive. Whenever they closed a ticket on their old system, agents had to check off numerous boxes and options. Box used Zendesk’s macros to automate this task, saving agents 20 to 30 seconds per ticket and enhancing the consistency of information in reporting.

“Zendesk’s macros automatically categorize our tickets based on the type of customer or support we provide,” says Riddle. “We integrate with GoodData to spot trends in these categories. This helps us decide how to train and staff our team to support upcoming marketing promotions and other special events.”

To further boost the productivity, Box lets agents share troubleshooting information internally through forums – a handy feature for a company with support teams in both California and the Philippines.

Business rules analysis drives continuous improvement

After using Zendesk’s macros and triggers, Box’s support agents realized how easy it was to create groups of agents and automatically route specific types of tickets to them. As a result, the company eventually split its support staff into two tiers: a Tier 1 that handles basic troubleshooting, and a Tier 2 that addresses more complex technical issues. This new configuration helps Box provide more efficient and attentive service to all levels of users.

Zendesk’s business rules take this concept one step further by allowing Box to route tickets into a high-priority queue if they contain a specific issue, or to a specific individual if they come from an enterprise customer.

“There are some situations that we need to respond to immediately,” says Riddle. “Zendesk’s business rules remove friction in those situations by routing tickets to the right place automatically.”

With Zendesk’s powerful tools at their fingertips and integration with solutions such as and GetSatisfaction, Box’s agents almost can’t help but be more productive. Meanwhile, Riddle is tracking the numbers – and he likes what he sees.

“Zendesk has really changed our entire approach to managing customer support. Zendesk’s business rules analysis lets us gauge our performance and look for spots where our workflow can be more efficient,” says Riddle. “I also have an ongoing view of how many tickets we’re solving in a week, how satisfied our customers are, and what kinds of suggestions I should be making to our product team. It’s a total game-changer.”


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