Introducing Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise

Introducing Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise

April 3, 2018
Introducing Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise

Empowering customers to help themselves is major part of a successful customer service organization. There are lots of tools that can optimize self-service efforts, like knowledge bases, community forums, and AI-powered Answer Bot.

But even so, it can be difficult to know exactly what self-help content customers are looking for. It takes time, and lots of feedback, to create a help guide that can meet all of your customers’ needs—especially when it needs constant updates for new products, services, and features.

So we decided to make it easier to create the help content that customers are looking for. We’re very excited to introduce Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise.

Content Cues

Content Cues empowers support content managers by identifying gaps in their Zendesk Guide knowledge base. Here’s how it works: First, utilizing the same machine learning that powers Answer Bot, Content Cues automatically reviews incoming Zendesk Support tickets. It recognizes the content in the tickets and provides suggestions for relevant help articles that should be created. Or, if that article exists, if it should be updated with new content.

Content Cues 2

Here are few things Content Cues can help support teams accomplish:

Identify gaps in your knowledge base

Your customer service should be optimized by customer input, and that’s exactly what Content Cues helps accomplish. Whether you’re building out your knowledge base from scratch or optimizing it, you’ll be shown which areas need to be optimized based on your customers’ inquiries.

Create more relevant articles

If there’s a topic that requires elaboration in your knowledge base, Content Cues will let you know. By reviewing incoming support tickets, it provides suggestions on self-service topics that need to be created or updated.

Make your content more easily accessible

Content Cues extracts the common phrases from support tickets and auto-populates search labels inside of your article. This, in turn, makes articles more easily searchable, which means customers can more easily find the self-service content they need.

Learn more about Guide Enterprise here. Sign up for the Content Cues Early Access Program, or click here to learn more about it.

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