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Develop your skills

Level up your technical expertise with our developer training program.

Build in smarter ways

With our APIs, SDK, and apps, there are infinite ways to extend the functionality of Zendesk. Our developer training program is the most efficient way for Admins and Developers to learn use cases and how to build apps and integrations that make processes easier for their teams and improve the customer experience. Spend less time combing through documentation and more time innovating on the platform.

Learn to code

Take the first step toward becoming a Zendesk developer by registering for training. We share resources and best practices from our team of developers who know the most efficient way to build with the Zendesk platform.

learn to code

Certify your skillset

Validate your knowledge by becoming a certified App Developer I. With this certification, you’ll feel confident that you’re coding correctly and you have the skillset to take your deployment to the next level.

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learn to code

Build amazing apps

Zendesk Training empowers you with the knowledge to build better, more stable code as well as unlock ways to improve existing processes and provide a better experience for your agents and customers.

building amazing apps
Progility Technologies

Progility + Zendesk: Faster, simpler, more cost-effective support

"We rolled out Zendesk right in the middle of COVID-19. So our full training was remote. Our full implementation was remote. But the Zendesk platform is so intuitive—the feedback from the team as a whole has been how simple it is to use."

Heather Kitteringham

National Services Manager

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Progility Technologies

Take the extra step to get better at what you do. You’ll thank yourself later.