Fairfax Media

With Zendesk Support, Fairfax media reduced cost by 25%

  • Founded in 1959
  • Subscribers Supported 200k+
  • Headquartered in Australia
  • Industry Media
  • Products Used

Fairfax Media works hard to deliver content with value and integrity—something all readers crave. The digitally progressive media company, located in Australia and New Zealand, believes that quality content helps create meaningful relationships with their audiences and communities.

In order to cultivate lasting relationships, Fairfax Media pays close attention to their readers’ needs. “Someone might be a reader for a long time, but not a subscriber. We want to make sure our audience, no matter if they are a subscriber or not, has a good relationship with our company from their very first read,” explained Andrew Porter, Director of Customer & Subscriptions.

Fairfax Media uses Zendesk Support as their support center and ticketing solution, as well as their main system for CRM, NPS reporting, and agent tracking. Through Support, the media company has reduced costs by 25 percent, increased NPS by 15 points, and drastically increased first-contact resolution.

“Support has helped us build exposure. Now, we’re able to hold the right people accountable, and involve the right teams when necessary,” Porter said.

“As a growing digital subscription company, we need to be agile,” Porter explained. “Zendesk has helped us do just that. We can add a feature or implement a survey in a matter of one week—something that used to take months.”

-Andrew PorterDirector of Customer & Subscriptions at Fairfax Media