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Upwork, a platform for professional matchmaking, is transforming the way people work together, from San Francisco to São Paulo. The company values relationships over transactions and strives to foster an effortless experience between freelancers and clients.

With that model in mind, Upwork’s customer support has developed to revolve around understanding their customers’ needs and wants. “Our customers don’t want to have to contact us. Every time they have to contact us, it’s an extra effort,” explained Joe Wang, Director of Customer Experiences.

Wang’s team gathers valuable customer insight from the thousands of contacts they receive on a weekly basis. Using the feedback collected in Zendesk Support, Upwork’s centralized location for customer information, the team delivers the information to their engineers and product managers so they can work to personalize and improve their customers’ experiences.

“Support helps us understand what problems our users are having and, because of that, we can invest more resources in those areas,” Wang said. “We’re able to look closely at the personalities of our customers and really understand them.”

“We facilitate relationships between people, like Zendesk. We want our clients to find the perfect match. And at the end of the day it’s all about relationships.”

- Joe Wang Director of Customer Experiences at Upwork

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