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Announcing the Zendesk Foundation 2022 Tech for Good Impact Awards

Serving more people, creating more impact

Udgivet 2. juni 2022

The state of our world today demands that we recognize and address many challenges, from racial inequality and poverty, to climate emergencies and global health crises. At Zendesk, we believe technology can play a role in shaping a better future for all. That’s why we’re committing to helping more nonprofits achieve their mission.

Today, the Zendesk Foundation Tech for Good announced it is giving away $500,000 in grants and free software to nonprofit organizations who can use Zendesk’s technology to magnify their impact.

Tech for Good are giving away multiple awards to a number of organizations that seek to make a tangible difference in one of the Zendesk Foundation’s impact areas:
Fostering community for vulnerable populations, enabling connections that allow people to thrive;
Promoting resilience in a time of crisis in order to safeguard against disaster and reduce human suffering;
Creating career pathways in tech by closing the economic opportunity gap for underrepresented communities.

Applicants will need to demonstrate how Zendesk’s products and financial support will help them serve more people and create more impact among vulnerable or disadvantaged populations.

Applications are open today, June 2, 2022, until September 12, 2022. For more, watch the video announcement here. Interested nonprofits can learn more and apply here.

About Tech for Good
Tech for Good is a comprehensive program donating Zendesk software, expertise, and financial support to nonprofit organizations tackling a wide range of social problems. By leveraging the power of Customer Experience (CX) tools, our partners are able to improve efficiency and magnify their impact, achieving their mission at a greater scale.