Zendesk recognized for helping global cosmetic retailer Lush deliver elevated customer experiences

Lush increased agent productivity and saved nearly half a million dollars with Zendesk

Published June 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, companies are looking for ways to deliver deeper connections and more personalized experiences to their customers. Lush, a cosmetics retailer with a growing global network of over 900 shops, 38 websites and digital communities, realized it was crucial to reinvent their customer experience (CX).

Lush previously used multiple communication channels to manage customer service inquiries, which prevented metric tracking and limited its ability to identify pressing issues or use data to improve their customers’ experiences. To overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional, streamlined CX across multiple touch points and languages, they turned to Zendesk.

Within months, Lush’s implementation of Zendesk produced a 369% return on their investment and generated sustained impactful business benefits in productivity. Given these significant results, Lush’s implementation of Zendesk has been recognized by the Nucleus Research ROI Awards. The awards honor companies that deliver exceptional customer business results, and each year, top enterprise technology implementations are recognized based on the overall value delivered by each solution. The top 10 winners were selected from hundreds of project nominations.

“An award based on how our customers perform is so satisfying because it shows we are helping businesses like Lush achieve remarkable success,” said Teresa Anania, SVP of Global Customer Experience, Zendesk. “This recognition reaffirms the value of our solutions in driving tangible ROI and enabling organizations to exceed customer expectations. We remain dedicated to providing innovative tools and unwavering support, fueling our customers’ growth and delivering great business outcomes.”

Zendesk improves Lush’s support agent and manager productivity

Lush achieved a 369% ROI with Zendesk, recovering the investment in less than a year. The implementation modernized customer communication channels and improved tracking and analysis of customer inquiries.

Since adopting Zendesk, Lush has experienced a 17% increase in support agent productivity. This was achieved through a centralized knowledge base and ticket management platform, eliminating the need to switch between applications. Agents now offer consistent support across channels and locate information more efficiently. As a result, Lush saved an average of £215,700 ($267,468) annually by avoiding additional headcount for customer inquiries.

With Zendesk’s implementation, manager productivity at Lush has surged by 30%. The intuitive reporting tools and real-time customer data provided by Zendesk have allowed managers to optimize customer experiences and streamline workflows effectively. They can now identify common issues and delegate them to the most suitable teams. This improvement has led to annual savings of £136,100 ($168,764) for Lush by avoiding the need to hire additional managers.

“Using ROI is critical for demonstrating the value of platforms like Zendesk, especially as CFOs are becoming more involved in purchasing decisions,” said Cameron Marsh, Analyst, Nucleus Research. “Nucleus found Zendesk drives ROI by encouraging user adoption and boosting productivity through simplified workflows.”

You can read more about Nucleus Research’s methodology here. To learn more about the Lush case study, head over to the Zendesk Blog and watch our customer story.