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MOO designs a CX strategy with 360° views and cost savings

A longtime Zendesk customer, MOO is committed to delivering world class service. Moving to Zendesk Suite allowed MOO to fulfill its vision of 360-degree customer views and greater insights, while generating $222,000 in annual cost savings from Zendesk Talk and self-service deflection. Seamless integrations with Salesforce, Playvox, and TrustPilot also helped drive efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

“Seeing insights in Zendesk has allowed us to make changes. And it’s been really beneficial for the leadership team and other department heads to drive meaningful change across the company.”

Doreen Berard

Director, Global Customer Service vid MOO

“We have a huge crossover of customers who contact our teams. It’s helpful to have a 360-degree view so we can point business customers back to their account manager, or help consumers on the spot.”

Annelisa Brown

Manager of Customer Support and Insight vid MOO

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At MOO, great design is for everyone. From business cards to notebooks, planners to promo flyers, MOO serves as a one-stop shop that designs, manufactures, and sells premium, customized merchandise for brand-conscious customers. Since launching in 2006, MOO has been changing the global print game and has grown to be the trusted choice of millions of customers across the globe.

The company’s passion for delivering remarkable products is matched by its award-winning customer service. MOO knows that brand loyalty is imperative to generating revenue and repeat business, so the team strives to do whatever it takes to keep customers happy. Support agents are on hand five days a week and handle around 20,000 tickets per month. Customers can contact support via phone, email, or chat on moo.com, while business customers have a dedicated account manager and their own portal for ordering brand-specific products.

A Zendesk customer since 2012, MOO recently moved to Zendesk Suite to fulfill its vision for 360-degree customer views and greater insights. The CX upgrade enabled MOO to replace an expensive phone system with Zendesk Talk and launch time-saving integrations with Salesforce, Playvox, and TrustPilot.

A growing company needs unified support with 360° views

Coordinating sales and support proved difficult when MOO was using Salesforce as a CRM ticketing system. During a major growth spurt, the company realized the need for a true customer service platform. “One of our biggest challenges was getting a complete view of our customers, because we were using different systems for sales and service. When someone called, we didn’t know if they were a sales customer or what prior contact they had had with us,” says Annelisa Brown, senior manager of customer support and insight.

Agents now use the information in Zendesk to route requests accordingly. “We have a huge crossover of customers who contact our teams,” adds Brown. “It’s helpful to have a 360-degree view so we can point business customers back to their account manager, or help them on the spot.”

MOO’s director of global customer service, Doreen Berard, joined in 2011. “We were putting all the systems together piecemeal and we agreed it would be nice to take some of the band-aids away and have a cohesive system,” recalls Berard. “One of the primary reasons we moved to Zendesk Suite was to gain a 360-degree view of the customer.”


Omnichannel support at scale + $222K cost savings

Today, MOO has three teams using Zendesk, including 50 customer service agents, 15 design services team members who do quality control via Zendesk integration, and 10 customer success team members who bridge sales and service.

As the company scaled, Zendesk made it easy to add support channels. Since integrating LiveChat with Zendesk, 40 percent of consumer support volume is handled via chat. Email makes up 40 percent of consumer tickets, as the channel used most for sharing design files, and the remaining 20 percent comes through phone, especially urgent requests.

Implementing Zendesk Talk as part of Zendesk Suite allowed MOO to replace TalkDesk and generate $170,000 in annual savings. With an additional $52,000 saved through self-service deflection, Zendesk Suite has helped MOO realize a total of $222,000 in annual cost savings.

Great customer data drives improvements companywide

Robust data empowers MOO team members to improve support at all levels. “With Zendesk Suite, we were able to add features that gave us greater customer insights, so we now have more context on every phone and chat ticket,” says Berard. That helps agents provide more personalized support and identify issues in product or process. “We might know that we have a product issue because customers email us, but now we can actually see when the issue occurred and where there is a spike in contacts.’”

The team leverages data to coordinate with cross-functional partners, too. “Seeing those insights in Zendesk has allowed us to make changes, and it’s been really beneficial for leadership to drive meaningful change across the company,” adds Berard.

Boosting self-service with custom help centers and chatbot

MOO identified two great opportunities to increase self-service with Zendesk: custom help centers and automated chat. “We’re constantly refining, improving, and adding articles to our help center based on what we’re seeing in Zendesk,” says Brown. “Because we have our customer success team in Zendesk serving our larger business customers, we can easily create another branded help center.” The team is already building a new set of FAQs for those customers.

The team has also seen the advantages of using LiveChat and Zowie, integrated into Zendesk via Zapier. “We’ve had a chatbot on the website 24/7 since we went live with it, which has really helped reduce chat volume,” Brown says.
“Chatbot handles 37 percent of all chat contacts and 20 percent of our total contacts across phone, chat, and email.”

With the improvements in live chat and self-service, MOO now reports an 81 percent one-touch ticket rate. Response times to email requests have also been reduced. The first reply time for emails has dropped 51 percent and email full-resolution time has decreased by 47 percent.


Turning support conversations into sales opportunities

Integrating Salesforce was a huge accomplishment that is helping agents turn customer interactions into revenue-generating opportunities. “Our new customer success team needed information from Salesforce and Zendesk, so we got the integration up and running with all of the accounts, organizations, and contacts syncing,” says Brown.

In March 2022, the team took that ticket sync process a step further. “If someone contacts MOO and the support agent recognizes a successful opportunity for our sales team, they can now use custom Zendesk macros and triggers to automatically send the ticket to Salesforce,” Brown explains. “It’s assigned to an account manager within a second, which is amazing compared to our old process that took one or two hours to sync.”

MOO also uses webhook integrations to leave notes on support tickets with a link to Salesforce, so agents can offer more personalized recommendations leading to upsells and cross-sells.

Working faster and smarter with data-driven integrations

The team has made strides in efficiency using the Playvox-Zendesk integration to analyze text in customer interactions and get a more accurate picture of the request. “If we see an issue on the website, we can create a report within two minutes showing the live ticket numbers,” Brown says. Tags and real-time data help agents locate the relevant ticket and solve problems faster.

Prior to the Zendesk upgrade, MOO lacked an efficient way of responding to Trustpilot customer reviews because only supervisors had access to the platform. Integrating with Zendesk gave agents more opportunities to handle customer feedback. “The Trustpilot integration has been very useful because we’ve got all our agents in Zendesk,” says Brown. “Trustpilot issues go straight into Zendesk and we can assign them to the appropriate agent.”

Trusted tech partner + flexible system promote long-term agility

Zendesk’s customizability will enable MOO to pivot quickly as business needs change. “We love Zendesk because it’s easy to look behind the scenes and investigate. We’re constantly testing features to streamline processes or gather customer insights,” Berard says.

Better yet, the team can count on accessing expert guidance. “We have a great working relationship with Zendesk. They understand our business needs, where we’re at, and where we want to go,” adds Berard. “Zendesk has been a loyal, trusted partner to us over the years.” With a strong tech partner and flexible CX, MOO has designed the ultimate formula for success.