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Meet DigiMapps

DigiMapps Drives Team Productivity and Monthly Sales with Sell + Paycove

About the Company

DigiMapps provides digital destination guides and concierge services for luxury hotels. DigiMapps’ mission is to serve as the premier travel media site, where travelers can discover the best flights and hotels, as well as learn about local dining, shopping and more.

The Challenge

Dissatisfied with its current sales platform, DigiMapps realized that its sales reps needed an easier process to log and manage their calls, while managers required a better way to monitor activities. “We were also wasting a lot of time manually creating invoices, and knew that there had to be a faster and more efficient way to help close out our sales cycles,” says Mark Misiak, Head of Sales at DigiMapps.

The Solution

After exploring Sell’s customer reviews and activity tracking capabilities, DigiMapps quickly made the decision to switch from its existing CRM to Sell’s all-in-one sales platform. Now, all rep communication is managed through Sell. Reps’ calls are automatically logged, recorded and attached to the appropriate lead, contact or deal in Sell, while call outcomes and notes can be added with just a couple clicks.

DigiMapps’ team also heavily utilizes Sell’s reporting capabilities. Reps can access call and email activity reports to track progress against their goals in real-time, while managers use these reports to ensure rep productivity. To measure how team activities are impacting sales growth, as well as spot potential roadblocks and coaching opportunities, Mark also turns to Sell’s sales funnel, deal loss reasons and pipeline development reports.

Just a few months later, DigiMapps decided to replace its manual invoicing system with Paycove, an automated invoicing and payment processing solution. Through a seamless integration, Paycove is able to auto-generate contracts using information pulled directly from Sell once a deal is pushed to the invoicing stage of the sales pipeline. Invoices are automatically sent to the appropriate contact, processed in Stripe and then moved to a “close/won” pipeline stage in Sell.

The Results

Now that reps are able to effortlessly log calls and monitor progress toward both individual and team activity goals, DigiMapps has seen productivity skyrocket. The number of calls that reps are able to make on a monthly basis increased 4x in just three months after implementing Sell. “Base reporting makes it possible to keep reps pacing to hit their activity metrics,” says Mark.

DigiMapps’ increase in productivity and focus on coaching resulted in a 175% boost in monthly sales growth. “Not only are reps making more dials,” tells Mark, “but because we are able to listen to their recorded calls in Sell and offer strategic coaching, the effectiveness of these calls has also improved, and you can see that in our sales numbers.”

Due to this increase in sales growth, DigiMapps also saw an influx in the number of invoices that it needed to process on a daily basis, causing a significant backlog. Thankfully, with the Sell and Paycove integration, Mark no longer has to create these invoices from scratch.

“I personally save about 2.5 hours each week thanks to the Sell and Paycove integration,” says Mark. “Paycove’s automated invoicing capabilities have also reduced the average number of days that our invoices remain open by 60%. So not only do I save time, but we also get our money faster.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help DigiMapps take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

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Native Dialer

Native Dialer

Make more calls in less time with a built-in dialing system that powers meaningful conversations.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

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