Ebates earned a 93% CSAT score with the Zendesk omnichannel solution

  • Tickets/Week 75,000
  • Calls/Week 1,200
  • CSAT 93%
  • FRT 8 Hours
  • Products Used

Ebates offers consumers cash back for shopping their favorite stores and brands, online and offline. It’s a deal that sounds almost too good to be true, but Ebates delivers on this promise to customers around the globe.

Reassuring consumers that Ebates is all that it seems—and keeping them happy—is the job of Member Services VP Dylan Campopiano and his team. More than 100 agents in Wisconsin serve Ebates members worldwide, with a second group in Singapore solely focused on Ebates Korea. They’re able to provide support in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

The U.S. agent numbers double each holiday season as weekly tickets quadruple in November and December. That’s when a lot of new members start shopping with Ebates, and many want to track the progress of their cash back.

“We’ve always had the hurdle of overcoming the too-good-to-be-true factor, and that’s what motivated us to have the excellent level of member services that we demand of ourselves,” said Campopiano, noting that Ebates has a 93 percent customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. “We think our responsiveness and dedication to always coming through for our members drives our excellent service score.”

To help provide this level of support, Ebates has turned to Zendesk Support since 2014. The company previously used eGain, and Campopiano said of the decision to switch, “At that point, we were only using email. There was no integrated system. We wanted the ability to tackle more channels, leverage API technology, and give our agents more flexibility in the operating systems and browsers they could use.”

The Zendesk Support launch went smoothly, with Ebates largely able to handle implementation. Campopiano recalled, “The unsung hero of Zendesk is the ability to let people build APIs that can do the task they need them to do. We created two APIs, the create ticket API and the add order API, and the rest was the Zendesk configuration. The launch was very successful, and we’ve been supported all the way through.”

Most contacts from members continue to come via email, but Ebates also receives 1,200 calls per week and offers support through live chat, social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and a help center using Zendesk Talk, Chat and Guide.

Using a single omnichannel solution is providing real benefits for Ebates, such as helping Campopiano’s team meet their goal of an eight-hour first response time, a key metric. He noted, “Our ability to handle social was drastically improved when we went with Zendesk. Our agents finally have a tool that’s as good as they are. I’m proud that we’ve given them something that is so responsive, easy to use, and intuitive. We love having the ability to really flex the muscles of Zendesk and attack our queue.”

Ebates also integrated their help center with Zendesk technology. Implementing Zendesk Guide has given the Ebates help center a search function for the first time, enabling members to more easily locate articles and get answers to questions without having to contact the company or create a ticket. Using Zendesk Support’s Multibrand feature also allows Ebates to scale help centers by providing content and customer service experiences tailored to their specific brands—Ebates Canada, Ebates Korea, Fat Wallet, and so on.

“It’s a great tool that’s worked beyond our expectations,” said Campopiano. “Using Multibrand, we can easily add a brand to the ecosystem and be confident it will work from day one.”

All of this has led Ebates to not only have a high CSAT score, but also to become a company that members regard highly. Campopiano pointed out that Ebates is one of the few businesses with a five-star rating on Trustpilot, where reviewers also give them a near-perfect numerical score of 9.7 out of 10.

“This is the best of Ebates and Zendesk at work,” said Campopiano. “If you look on Trustpilot for Ebates, the reviews are all about our customer service. This is a direct reflection of how good Ebates is with Zendesk.”

“We love the people at Zendesk. We think they’re super responsive, super engaged and really interested in what we’re doing with the product, so much so that they’ve visited our contact center in Wisconsin and watched our agents demonstrate their passion for customer service.”

– Dylan Campopiano VP of Member Services