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Growing sales and conversion with Zendesk Chat, featuring internet retailer Happy Socks

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Like in a brick and mortar store, customers often need help when making a purchase online. Live chat lets businesses step in to offer help and close the deal. So, it’s hardly a surprise that websites with live chat have seen a 29% increase in sales as a result of offering customers a real-time channel for queries (Forrester Research).

Join Kai Sugunnasil, Sales Team Lead at Happy Socks, an ecommerce company based in Stockholm, and Abhi Basu, Lead Product Marketing Manager of Zendesk Chat, to learn how live chat can bring the benefits of a physical retail experience to the web.

During the webinar we’ll discuss:
● How Happy Socks uses proactive triggers to increase sales
● How to measure the success of chat and sales with conversion tracking
● Why chat is important for retail and e-commerce websites

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Abhi Basuphoto

Abhi Basu

Abhi Basu is a Lead Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk where he helps deliver clear, insightful, and innovative messaging to our customers.

Kai leadsphoto

Kai leads

Kai leads a Customer Experience team in integrating conversational commerce into a growth strategy at Happy Socks. She manages the data, analytics, and upselling tools to transform customer engagements, offering more optimized experiences that drive sales and deepen customer relationships.