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CX is a team sport: How Magic Leap uses Zendesk & Slack for seamless support

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Customer support is a team sport which requires seamless collaboration across multiple departments outside of the support organization. As companies grow, the demands and questions from your customers will become more complex, and your reliance on people outside of your department to provide stellar service will only increase. That’s why Magic Leap, one of the world’s most innovative augmented reality startups that builds both hardware and software, relies on Slack and Zendesk to arm their support teams with an integrated, collaborative set of tools to efficiently support their customers at scale.

Join us for a free interactive webinar to learn more about:
● How to use Slack for more seamless collaboration across support organizations
● See how Magic Leap is improving support operations at scale with Slack + Zendesk and how this integration has helped them deliver better customer experiences
● Additional best practices on how to streamline collaboration across teams and processes to put in place to improve agent productivity

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Toby Sterrettphoto

Toby Sterrett

Toby Sterrett is a product director heading up the team building Zendesk’s Collaboration add-on, which features Light Agents and Side Conversations. He’s leading the effort to make it as easy as possible to get more people involved in the creation of amazing customer experiences using Zendesk products.

Callie Holdermanphoto

Callie Holderman

Callie Holderman is the Senior Manager of Developer Experience & Support Engineering at Magic Leap. She drives the strategy to quantify and deliver the best solutions, tools and platforms for Magic Leap developers. Zendesk is the impetus driving measurable improvements to our products and developer satisfaction.

Nathan Eadsphoto

Nathan Eads

Nathan Eads is a Senior Solutions Engineer on the Enterprise West team at Slack. He partners with prospective customers to show how Slack can help make peoples working lives more simple, pleasant and productive.