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Expert Tips and Tricks To Leverage Technology For Your Employee Experience

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With the rise of on-demand consumer apps delivering seamless experiences, people are expecting a service that is personalised, efficient, and convenient. When your employees arrive to work on Monday morning, they expect the same level of service.

Join Matt Daley, former Director of IT Operations at Zendesk, to learn more about how we are using Zendesk to increase our employees’ satisfaction from recruitment to retire.

This webinar will discuss how to:

● Help employees help themselves with self-service
● Connect systems to improve team productivity
● Harness automations to do more
● Use data to make better decisions

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Matt Daleyphoto

Matt Daley

Matt is the former Director of IT Operations at Zendesk, where he was responsible for Zendesk employee systems and the driving force behind Zendesk Australia's employee experience initiatives. Matt has over 14 years experience working with an extensive range of different technologies.