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The O2 Arena uses Zendesk Support, Chat, and Guide to help tens of thousands of concert-goers

Watch this video to learn how The O2 Arena customer service team uses the Zendesk family of products to provide a consistent experience across the customer journey.

O2 Arena
“It's very easy for me to recommend Zendesk to the rest of the business unit because I enjoy using it and the agents on the ground enjoy using it. It can do a whole host of things, probably ten times as much as I need it to do.”

- Adam Wilson

Head of Customer Relations at The O2 at O2 Arena




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The O2, located on the Greenwich peninsula in London, has hosted the world’s top musicians, comedians, and sports teams. At The O2, customers are immersed in a “fan experience” from the moment they purchase their tickets at the box office until long after the encore.

“We’re in the business of connecting people together, bringing everybody together for one vision in a concert,” said Adam Wilson, Head of Customer Relations at The O2. “I want to try to mirror that in our customer relations team and box office team, and how we interact with people in those fan experiences.”

To create consistency across the customer journey, The O2 started using the Zendesk family of products—first Zendesk Support, then Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Guide. Wilson shared that, by using multiple Zendesk products, “people can choose how they want to interact with The O2, rather than us prescribing how it is and how that works.”

When it comes to Chat, in particular, Wilson shared that, “The team loves it. They’ve grown up with Skype and WhatsApp, so the interface is very familiar to the agents, which is great.” When interacting with customers over Chat, the O2 team is able to quickly understand who they are talking to so they can be more empathetic. “The way somebody talks to you over Chat, you get an interaction between the two people. You get a feel for who they are, and so you know how to talk to them.”