Zendesk Support allows Serato to be agile and scale their support

  • Average Ticket Volume/Month 7,000+
  • # of Products Used 3
  • Headquartered in New Zealand
  • Customer Since 2014
  • Products Used

Serato focuses on music inspiration, entertainment, and all around good times—from DJs entertaining thousands of people to people just starting to experiment. But in order to ensure uninterrupted good vibes, Serato has to have top-notch customer support.

“Our software connects with DJ hardware such as traditional turntables and mixers so that DJs and hobbyists alike can plug their laptop into their hardware and get everyone moving,” explained Aaron Eddington, Serato’s support manager. “When I joined Serato, we were largely using email and our community forum for support purposes. Things moved very slowly and, in an industry that attracts a lot of young, passionate people, we needed a better, web-based tool that could handle multiple channels.”

After implementing Zendesk Support, Serato now manages requests from Facebook, Twitter, email, the phone, and their website all in one place. “Zendesk enables a multichannel view, speedy responses and, most importantly, customer ticket history. If a customer emails us and also messages us on Facebook, we can see that and solve their problem with a bit more context,” Eddington explained.

While Serato offers plenty of self-service content through their help center, they’re proud to say they can now handle roughly 7,000 tickets a month. “The volumes we handled with our old tools were, at a minimum, half of what we can handle now.”

“It became clear pretty quickly that Zendesk was a clean, powerful tool that could scale to whatever we grow to. I love that I always see proactive development in adding features. We’re like that with our own software—we have to move quickly and be agile.”

– Aaron Eddington Support Manager at Serato