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Zendesk welcomes Cleverly

We're excited to announce that Cleverly is joining the Zendesk team.

Av Shawna Wolverton, Executive Vice President, Product

Publicerad 26 augusti 2021

At Zendesk, we believe a key component of providing great customer experiences includes ensuring your agents are armed with the right tools and processes to deliver them. But with conversation volume increasing by more than 20 percent year over year, over a growing number of channels, support teams are struggling to keep up. As a result, businesses increasingly turn to AI to provide faster and more reliable service and make teams more efficient.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that today Cleverly is joining the Zendesk team. Cleverly provides AI-powered solutions with insight-driven automation that makes support teams more productive.

Why Cleverly?

Cleverly and Zendesk share a vision of democratizing AI, as well as a passion for creating practical applications that make it possible for businesses to get started with AI right out of the box—without a team of data scientists required.

We will integrate Cleverly’s technology across our platform, enhancing the trusted Zendesk AI solutions already enabling teams to automate more of their processes, reduce costs, and keep up with customer demand.

What’s next?

While Zendesk has invested in AI to help our customers achieve better, faster, and more reliable customer service, we believe there is still so much untapped potential. Today, our AI-enabled capabilities help businesses automate the conversations they have with customers, boost agent productivity, and increase operational efficiency with features like Answer Bot, macro suggestions, and Content Cues. With Cleverly, we will deliver a range of capabilities that automate key insights, further reduce manual tasks and improve workflows, and overall lead to happier, more productive support teams.

Welcome, Cleverly!

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