The best customer experiences

Businesses all over the world use Zendesk to support their customers. That’s because our software is strong on the basics — like self service and ticketing — and is open and flexible on the big stuff, like customer profiles and APIs.

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No matter what your needs are, you’ll find a best-selling solution that’s designed to make customer support easier.

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Convenience for customers

Have seamless conversations with your customers in whichever way they prefer.

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Efficiency for agents

Harness automations and see relevant customer information in a single place for enhanced agent efficiency.

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Agility for your business

Leverage no-code, out-of-the-box tools for the fastest time to value and flexibility for the future.

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Focus on conversations, not channels

When you’re fighting to keep up with threads, your response times slow down. You lose customer trust, and potentially, their business. Our ticketing system puts email, chat, social, and voice in the same place, so your business can focus on the conversation, not the channel.

Ticketing system

Track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets all in one place.

Live chat and messaging

Create a personal connection with customers and provide quick support with conversations that can be automated and customized in minutes.

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Social channels

Be where they want to be — connect popular messaging apps to Zendesk.

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Integrated voice

Talk it out directly with customers and provide personalized solutions to complex issues.

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Help customers help themselves

A well-stocked knowledge base helps customers resolve common problems quickly and reduces the load on your team. We make it simple to create, organize, and share your team’s know-how. You can even use our AI-powered bot, or spin up your own community forum.

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Help center

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base that helps you harness the power of institutional knowledge.

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AI powered answers

Answer Bot suggests articles to customers to resolve issues faster and take the load off your agents.

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Community forums

Zendesk Gather provides a place for customers to connect and collaborate.

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Give your agents the right context

Most agents want to offer help quickly, without having to switch dashboards or make customers repeat information. With the right tools and data in place, agents can maintain relevant, personal conversations on any channel.

Unified agent workspace

A conversation-focused agent workspace with everything in one place.

Customer profile history

The relevant context agents need to provide faster, personalized responses.

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Cross team collaboration

Use Side Conversations to communicate with anyone inside or outside your company.

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Measure and boost team productivity

Customizable and pre-built dashboards mean managers can easily measure CSAT, first response time, number of help center views, and more. Move the needle on the metrics that matter by using our automations and workflows to cut out busy work. Your team will be more productive (and happier).

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Business rules

Automate redundant tasks for your team. Keep track of SLAs, close out abandoned tickets, or send an automated reply when it’s outside your business hours.

Skills-based routing

Get tickets to the right agent based on their expertise so that they're served a ticket they can efficiently solve, every time.

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Publishing workflows

Use the combined brain power of all of your support agents to make sure your customers get the most helpful self-service content.

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Bring your business data and systems together

We know Zendesk isn’t the center of the business universe, which is why we play nicely with all the tools you know and love. Our platform lets you connect your customer data—wherever it lives— and gives developers and admins the tools they need to build the best experience for your customers.

Apps and integrations

Our marketplace has hundreds of apps and integrations that plug directly into your toolset.

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Customer data platform

Zendesk Sunshine is our open, flexible CRM platform native to AWS. Connect all your customer data—wherever it lives.

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Conversations platform

Unify messages from every channel into a single conversation, and build interactive messaging experiences.

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We can lend a hand, if you like

We have the expertise to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our solutions have a strategic impact on your business. We also offer training and support for your support.

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