The best issue tracking software will have you singing like Frank Sinatra

It's a crisis. We've all been there. A bug or a major issue that swamps the support teams, engineers, and IT. Everyone is scrambling. No one has time to stop and talk to each other. And to make it worse issue tracking or bug tracking, at the support desk, has to be treated as individual issues. But what if at this point we could fly you to the moon and let you play among the stars?

Creating less work

What if each issue could be logged as one problem? And your software enabled engineers to see the bigger picture? As soon as that issue or bug is resolved – the support desk closes all the tickets at once. Smooth as Frank...You're humming aren't you.


Zendesk for JIRA users can sort their JIRA issues by the number of Zendesk tickets linked to each issue. This can help your developers prioritize their work, by elevating JIRA issues that have a larger number of customers asking for a specific feature, or reporting the same bug. The linked tickets reporting feature in Zendesk allows you to keep track of the number of Zendesk tickets linked to each JIRA issue and their IDs.

Help starts now

In other words...Zendesk hold my hand

  • Successfully manage, organize, analyze, and respond to numerous support tickets to foster better customer relationships and create better status reports with issue tracking software
  • Customer issues don’t always come from the same place – Zendesk makes it simple to track every customer issue from all of your channels
  • Both service representatives and customers get a live view of how a support ticket is advanced and resolved in issue tracking software

Zendesk จะช่วยได้อย่างไร

We may not be as smooth as Frank Sinatra but the management of your projects, bugs, and issue with Zendesk with have you other words, I love you.