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Full Circle: How improving your ticket form can increase team efficiency and uncover trends - Asia Pacific

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Your support team receives every question, complaint, and suggestion for your business, but how do you take advantage of all that incoming information? High-performing support organizations start at the source: the ticket form.

Sign up for our Full Circle webinar to learn how you can make the most of each ticket by gathering the information your agents need and analyzing the trends of your customer requests.

Attend this webinar and you will be able to:

● Drive traffic away from more costly channels and towards your web form
● Get your agents the data they need to provide the best customer experience
● Reduce the back and forth time for each ticket
● Track customer inquiries in a way that gives you actionable business insights
● Create self-service content to answer your most common questions

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Chiaki Tuliaophoto

Chiaki Tuliao

Customer Success Associate

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Mary de Ocampo

Customer Success Associate

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Jed Dollesin

Customer Success Associate