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Unifying the Customer Service Experience

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The Omnichannel revolution is here. Each 30-minute webinar, in this 3-part series, focuses on a unique aspect of omnichannel support, from strategy to implementation.

In part 1, hear from Ryan Nichols, GM of Omnichannel, about this shift towards an experience economy and how The Zendesk Suite is revolutionizing the way companies approach a unified customer experience across all channels.

In this webinar we discuss:

● The difference between multi-product and omnichannel
● The shift to an experience economy
● How to create memorable engagements between agents and customers
● Considerations and best practices for getting started with The Zendesk Suite

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Ryan Nichols,photo

Ryan Nichols,

Ryan Nichols, GM of Omnichannel at Zendesk

Mark Bloom,photo

Mark Bloom,

Mark Bloom, Director, Product Marketing at Zendesk