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Gilt Groupe

Creating a luxury customer service experience


Change is difficult for any organization, and it was no exception for Gilt Groupe, a luxury, flash sale shopping site, when they decided to implement Zendesk in their operation. But Zendesk quickly won buy-in at many levels when just a few weeks after implementation, a high volume of tickets began pouring into their customer service department’s queue—all related to a similar request. Because their business operates under a flash sale model, the support team had a very small time window to identify, respond, and resolve the issue.

Zendesk as a solution

One of the Gilt Groupe support agents did a quick keyword search in Zendesk to find similar incidents of the same support request, linked them all together, collaborated with internal teams to find the solution, and responded to all the customers at once. What would have taken them hours on their previous support platform, in fact, took them just minutes in Zendesk.

Here’s more about how Gilt Groupe uses Zendesk to deliver a premium level of service:

  • Custom workflows: In only one day, Gilt Groupe set up their Zendesk rules, like triggers and automations, macros, email templates, and filters—all without the help of a technical expert.
  • Custom, powerful self-service: To maintain a high-end and consistent look-and-feel on their support page, Gilt Groupe customized their Web portal so that it is in line with their brand and also exposes common questions.
  • Support center for agents too: The knowledge base also powers information for the agents, especially with Zendesk’s smart search features. And when an article is not found in the knowledge base, Gilt Groupe will develop one within the hour.
  • JIRA integration: Gilt Groupe uses the JIRA integration to have more visibility cross-departmentally. The operations team uses JIRA to track interactions with their vendors. When a vendor-related support request comes in, the support team can turn the Zendesk ticket into a JIRA ticket for the operations team. And any comment made by the operations team on the JIRA ticket gets mirrored onto the Zendesk ticket for the support team to see.
  • Higher customer engagement: Zendesk helps Gilt Groupe capture and track customer interactions beyond just support requests—fostering customer feedback about their products and business.
  • Capturing social conversations: Gilt Groupe uses Zendesk’s Twitter and Facebook integrations to turn tweets, Facebook wall posts, and Facebook private messages into tickets. 1000s of tickets come in per month through social channels, and Gilt Groupe’s agents can respond to all of them in one place.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With Zendesk’s built-in customer satisfaction surveys and industry benchmark data, not only can Gilt Groupe see how they compare to peers, but their agents have the chance to make good on a rare poor satisfaction rating.


Here is what Gilt Groupe is able to achieve using Zendesk:

  • Customer satisfaction rating: 84%, up 6% over the last 6 months and climbing
  • First-touch resolution rate: Increased from 78% to 85%
  • Average ticket resolution time: Less than 24 hours
  • Promote an above average NPS within their industry

“As Gilt Groupe is a lifestyle, luxury brand operating on a flash sale model, speed is very important to our support team and customers. Zendesk gives our support team a lot of freedom to operate in a way that best serves our customers. The real benefit has been the immeasurable benefits—the improved agent experience, greater transparency of information, simpler workflow operations, and improved sense of agent ownership over customer issues,” Rachel Livingston, Gilt Groupe’s Customer Support Program Development Manager, said.



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