GHD scaled and optimized their customer service with Zendesk Support

Watch this customer video to learn how Zendesk Support helped GHD to prioritize engagement and reduce response times in their highest priority channels.

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GHD (Good Hair Day) strives to be, at their core, excellent customer service people. The award-winning, global provider of hair products, values delivering on their promises so that their customers can have a good hair day every day.

As part of their commitment to outstanding customer service, GHD sought to scale customer support to the enterprise level. “We wanted to improve customer engagement,” said Spencer Hudson, GHD’s Global Technical Solutions Manager, “but we needed a more involved tool that could follow our customers’ experiences.”

With clear goals to improve email and social media interactions, GHD implemented Zendesk Support and built specific views for each channel of customer engagement. Now, based on the trends they see, GHD has prioritized engagement and reduced response times in their highest priority channels.

“Zendesk Support has improved the visibility, traceability, and transparency of our customer service, and we can optimize what we deliver as a result,” Hudson said. “The information GHD has now is far more involved in the customer support journey.”

“Excellent customer service comes with having specific goals in mind. It’s important to have the right tools, but you have to have the mindset and ambition to match.”

– Spencer Hudson Global Technical Solutions Manager at GHD

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