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Keeping retail customers happy means every interaction matters. With Zendesk, you can make sure customers get the support they need, wherever they interact with you. Because satisfied shoppers return again and again.

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Get up close and personal

Complete shopper profiles help you understand customers better. Zendesk brings together data from all parts of your business including inventory, billing, shopping history, and preferences. Because the more you know about customers, the easier it is to deliver exactly what they want.

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Always be available

Today shoppers have access to brands around the clock, on everything from chat to Twitter. With Zendesk, you can offer seamless support and a complete branded experience on every channel. Make sure your shoppers get the help they need, when they need it.

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Turn DIY into AI

Keep shoppers shopping by answering questions quickly and efficiently. With a unified knowledge base, they can get help right where they are. Use Answer Bot and other automations to answer FAQs, freeing agents up for issues that require a human touch.

Scale your support with Answer Bot

Transform vendors into trusted partners

Your products don’t see the light of day without the help of an extended ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and vendors. From design and development to distribution and analytics, it’s easy to manage all the moving parts, every step of the way.

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The total package

“It doesn’t matter where an agent sits now that we have the tools and processes to support our customers, no matter who they are. We were very segmented and now we’re moving to a model where a customer is a customer. We aim to provide the best level of service, as quickly as possible.”

Mark Rizza

Head of Supply Chain at Accent Group

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A world of difference

“We have the vision that we can resolve any queries from colleagues or partners globally quickly, painlessly, and cost effectively. Zendesk gives us the opportunity to be quite flexible with the configuration whilst keeping the level of consistency we need.”

Adam Bruce

Lead Product Manager, Service Desk at Tesco

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