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All your customer data, connected

Turn insights into action by providing teams with an integrated view of customer data across the business so you can measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Seamlessly fit into your existing tech stack

Empower your business to move fast and make changes with easy-to-use, low-code tools that are built inherently for innovation and scale. Integrate with the apps and partners of your choice to improve speed-to-market, usability, and scalability of your existing investments.

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Collaborate with ease

Sales and support teams thrive when they aren’t siloed, because each can benefit the other. Optimize engagements across all touch points and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that benefit the entire business.

Powered by an open and flexible platform

With out-of-the-box integrations, over 100 enterprise APIs, and a flexible developer toolset, you can extend and customize Zendesk for limitless possibilities to help you create the best customer experiences.

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Custom Zendesk solution helps Siemens drive agility and scale

“One of the things that we like about Zendesk is that the interface is really clean. . .the agents are able to quickly get to the information they need.”

Steven Franklin

Global Head of Customer Service

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