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A different approach to customer service

Stand out from competitors with unique digital experiences to connect with customers on a personal level, build loyalty, and keep them coming back for more.

Let customers help themselves

Allow customers to get fast answers through self-service at every support touchpoint; enabling agents to manage more complex, sensitive, or higher priority customer interactions. Let both customers and agents switch seamlessly between channels, communicate asynchronously.

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Build memorable, interactive experiences

Initiate conversations and orchestrate bot-to-agent handoffs with Zendesk’s developer friendly platform. Using pre-built and customizable conversational components to completely personalize your customer’s experience.

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Deliver a human touch at scale

Leverage AI to serve up in-context help articles directly from your knowledge base to both customers and agents, so they don’t have to dig for it. Support more customers and eliminate unnecessary wait times without adding additional resources.

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Discord uses CX automation and self-service to scale globally

"Guide is everything to the Discord support team. We know that we can’t scale without having a robust self-service solution, so we invest heavily in it...we get about a million hits a month on our help center. If you equate that to ticket deflection, we’re eliminating tens of thousands of contacts, which helps our team keep its headcount low."

Danny Duong

Director of Customer Experience

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