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Group chat

When your business depends on coordinating sellers, drivers, couriers, and your customers, delivering a great customer experience can be tricky. With Multiparty Conversations, every participant can respond to customer needs in real time — making you the talk of the town.

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Connect buyers, sellers, drivers, and couriers directly with your customers in a real-time conversation to streamline product questions, delivery updates, and more. Improve CSAT and NPS scores — plus sales volume — when you make it easy to talk to everyone.

Free agent

Multiparty Conversations cuts out agents’ middleman tasks, letting them focus on complex issues. Improve agent productivity while answering customer questions even faster.

Demystify your data

With direct access to conversation data, get rich insights about your customers in real time. Keep communication inside your platform to eliminate fraud, misuse, and sales loss.


All-in-one group messaging

Gang’s all here

Eliminate siloed conversations by connecting all parties involved in the transaction. Add up to 10 participants to the group message, and use typing indicators and read receipts to keep everyone engaged.

Team up

Add remote and mobile team members to a group conversation addressing customer issues, team responsibilities, and more. For instance, your employees can share updates with all delivery personnel in the area.

Build customer communities

Create unique user groups and allow them to share product recommendations, best practices, or tips and tricks to drive customer engagement. User groups can be based on geographies, customer segments, and product types.

Access conversation insights

See all conversations and get analytics on users, read product feedback, and address fraud, platform misuse, and compliance. Learn how to reduce churn and increase sales.

Target industries


Connect buyers, sellers, drivers, riders, and other third parties


Enable healthcare providers to chat with patients, family members, doctors, and more

Financial services

Listen to customer conversations with portfolio managers on any channel


Connect gamers into a conversational community to drive engagement


Let store associates chat with inventory staff, HQ, and shift managers

Get your message across