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Store more with Sunshine

MakeSpace stores more than just prized possessions with Sunshine

MakeSpace is a full-service storage company that uses digital tools to support the physical process of moving and storing. With Sunshine, MakeSpace utilized an integration with Segment to capture real-time customer events and integrated customer data from their in-house CRM.

makespace app
Implemented in 10 DAYS
1 dedicated developer
In partnership with
Platform components used:
Events and Profiles

Business challenge

MakeSpace agents struggled to see a holistic picture of the customer and their journey. They needed access to real-time customer interactions and data around the items customers were storing in order to provide a personalized experience.

Platform solution

With the help of one dedicated developer, MakeSpace built a sidebar app that integrated customer plan details and item information from their in-house CRM, as well as real time events via an integration with Segment and Sunshine. Now, agents can see events, like when a customer sends an email or an appointment is scheduled, and customer details like the types of items MakeSpace is holding, and the plan they’re on—all without ever having to leave Zendesk.

“Before Zendesk Sunshine, our customer support agents struggled with complicated CX systems. Now our agents have a more complete customer view in one place, seeing every customer event and the full history. Our team has everything they need to deliver a seamless and stress-free storage experience to our customers.”

Sean Benedicty

Customer Experience Operations Manager at MakeSpace