Text by Zendesk

Skip the small talk

Unlike a mohawk, texting is more than just fashionable. For quick answers and easy updates, start supporting your customers via SMS with Text, a new feature of Zendesk Talk.

When texts become tickets

The moment customers text you, their messages automatically create tickets in Support. From there, agents can apply macros, triggers, and other business automations to respond quickly and easily.

Let them know the latest

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Get ahead of support issues by sending proactive messages, or create triggers for automated notifications and alerts.

Text is an absolutely indispensable part of our support strategy. And with the Zendesk family of products, we have all our support channels, including email, phone and text, in one place.

- Evan Aldrich Head of Customer Support at Favor

Works right out of the box

Text, a feature of Zendesk Talk, is built into the Zendesk Support ticketing system. Teams can get started in minutes — no coding or integration needed. Just a pick a number, and you’re
ready to text.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

  • How can I try Text?


    To try Text, you’ll need a Zendesk Support account. In your Support account, select “Text” under “Channels” and choose a phone number. Learn more. Text is a feature of Zendesk Talk (included on the Basic and Advanced plans). Choosing a number for Text will initiate your free trial of Zendesk Talk. Trials include one free phone number and a $1 of usage credit. Standard SMS rates are $0.0094 per inbound message; outbound rates may vary. Learn more here. We currently offer the following phone numbers for Text: US Local; US Toll Free; Australia Mobile; Austria Mobile; Belgium Mobile; Canada Local; Canada Toll Free; Chile Mobile; Czech Republic Mobile; Estonia Mobile; Finland Mobile; France Mobile; Germany Mobile; Hong Kong Mobile; Hungary Mobile; Indonesia Mobile; Ireland Mobile; Israel Mobile; Lithuania Mobile; Netherlands Mobile; Norway Mobile; Poland Mobile; Puerto Rico Local; Spain Mobile; Sweden Mobile; Switzerland Mobile; UK Local; UK Mobile. Check this list for updates. Learn more about getting started with Text.

  • How can I buy Text?


    Text is a feature of Zendesk Talk (included on the Basic and Advanced plans). When you’ve reached the end of your free 30 day trial or use your $1 free credit, add Talk Basic or Advanced to your Zendesk subscription to continue using the Text channel. Learn more about Talk pricing. Telephony usage rates apply, and include phone numbers, calls and per text message fees. Standard SMS rates are $0.0094 per inbound message; outbound rates may vary. Learn more.

  • How can I learn more about using Text?


    Check out the great resources for Text in our Help Center, including guides to sending outbound texts and automating text support with triggers.


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