Support Plus Webinar Series – Enhance Your Customer Experience within Zendesk Support


Zendesk Support gives you everything you need to manage your customer interactions in one place. But there’s more to the story. Zendesk Guide self-service has the potential to reduce customer support costs by 25% or more. Using Zendesk Chat boosts overall customer interactions by up to 20%. Zendesk Talk customers see 27% increase in agent productivity. Join this webinar series to learn more about what else you can do with the Zendesk family of products. Zendesk Guide, Zendesk Chat, and Zendesk Talk are all easy to implement solutions native to Zendesk Support.

Part One: How Evernote does Self-Service with Zendesk

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Now more than ever, customers prefer to self-serve before reaching out for assisted support. Are you offering an effective help center to meet this customer demand?

In this webinar, Katherine Kelly, Director of Zendesk Product Marketing talks with Director of Global Customer Success at Evernote, Gerald Hastie, about their successful self-service strategies and how Zendesk Guide makes it a seamless process to build the best self-service experience.

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Part Two: Tapping into the powerful combination of Support and Chat, featuring MeUndies

Available On-Demand

Join Polomi Batra, Chat Product Marketing Manager, and Ro Weissberg, Operations Manager at MeUndies, as they discuss:

● The advantages of pairing a real-time channel like chat with ticketing
● A demo of how Chat and Support work together within Zendesk
● How MeUndies uses Support and Chat to provide exceptional customer experiences that have resulted in a 98% CSAT while resolving 7,600+ inquiries a month

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Part Three: Rethinking phone support with Zendesk Talk

Available On-Demand

Join Emily Vince, Talk Product Marketing Manager, and Caroline Kello, Talk Product Manager, for a discussion around creative ways to improve customer experiences over the phone. They’ll discuss how you can:

● Offer phone support when and where your customers need it
● Manage call volume without hiring more agents
● Introduce new features, like callback from queue and text messaging

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