ICYMI: How Le Tote gets personal with customer service

Published July 13, 2015
Last modified July 13, 2015

In advance of our upcoming tweet chat, #ZendeskChat, with Get Chute (see details below), we wanted to share with you the conversation we had last month with Le Tote’s own Aubrie Rice around the personalization of customer service.

Q1: What does personalized customer service mean to you?
We are only human. Our tweeters all agreed that adding the person to customer service was a top priority. Making sure the customer service agent knows your name and respects your time was number one for many. Other expectations included having the customer service agent already knowing who you are once you contacted them. Besides being helpful and friendly, great agents are also part fortune teller, knowing what you want before you even ask. And many of us agree that having to repeat your issue multiple times, waiting for a customer service agent to constantly look up your details, and giving you only limited options for contact and support are all things that take away from the personalization of customer service.

Le Tote Zendesk Chat answers to question 1
Q2: How does a customer service team differ from marketing?
We all agreed that no matter which department you work in, being there for the customer always comes before anything else. Marketing and customer service work on the same team, yet each helps a customer in different ways.

Marketing helps to grow the customer base by telling a story while customer service ensures continued success by listening to the customer tell theirs. A rockstar customer service team can grow a brand by listening, learning, engaging, and of course, helping customers.

Le Tote Zendesk Chat answer to question 2
Q3: Why is relationship-building more important with a subscription service?
This is where our discussion took a fun turn. Since a subscription service is a deeper and longer-lasting relationship, the analogy was made of it being more like a marriage. Whereas one-off transactions end at the point of transaction, they were compared to a one night stand.

Just like in a marriage, in order to help maintain a longer lasting relationship with your customers, a higher level of trust and emotional connection needs to be there. Over time, the relationship has to change as a customer’s tastes change. Giving a customer new experiences keeps them engaged beyond the occasional dinner and a movie.

Le Tote Zendesk Chat answers to question 3
Q4: How do you win back customers when they want to cancel?
When a customer break-up happens, a dozen roses won’t cut it as an apology. As with any other relationship, showing that you genuinely care and working together to solve the issues can help make sure a customer doesn't cancel...their subscription. Listening to not only what they are saying, but what they actually mean is key. By forgetting about the sale and focusing on saving the relationship, everyone is happier in the end.

Le Tote Zendesk Chat answers to question 4
Q5: Where do you see the world of customer service going?
It’s all about connectivity - from our wrists to our toasters. We want to be able to ask for help anywhere and everywhere.