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Build your brand's community with forum software

How can you leverage community forum software?

Your customers want to be heard. Give them a microphone and a space to connect with each other through an online community. Zendesk provides community forum software that gives your customers the chance to help each other, inspire one another, and share fresh ideas for how to strengthen your product or service. It’s like a focus group without the donuts. Unless your focus group is about donuts. Then there would definitely be donuts.

Not about donuts: The customer forum software allows your community members to start discussions, post their questions, give answers, make comments, and even state solutions about the products and services your company offers. A community like this is a valuable feedback forum for you and your team to learn which improvements your customers want to see most. They learn from each other and you learn from them. Win-win.

Don’t miss out on the conversation. Our discussion forum software is available as a free trial or free with a qualified Zendesk plan.

Discover what customers really want

Feedback is certainly crucial to understanding customer needs, but interactions between your business and your customers don’t tell the whole story. Your customers also talk to each other about what works and what doesn’t. Zendesk fosters customer engagement and strengthens connections on a customized, branded platform so you can join and learn from that conversation, too.

Forum software is powerful asset

A thriving user community can be a powerful long-term asset for your business. These conversations provide a great source of knowledge independent of time and physical location, especially regarding feature requests and using existing features differently. If you’re looking to generate new ideas, design with your existing audience in mind by listening to the people who already appreciate your product. Even if you’re not looking to generate new ideas, everyone loves a compliment.

Lower costs with better service

An online community is a scalable way to not only converse with your customers, but also support them when they have questions or problems. Beyond your team’s support, you may also see something new: Your customers helping each other.

By using community forum software, you have an opportunity for greater ticket deflections, keeping your support costs down. Thanks to the previous posts collected in your community, questions answered once can be used forever for all who enter. Lower costs. Better service. One happy community. Yeah, pretty sure you’re winning right now.

Build the community your customers need with Zendesk

Zendesk forum software fosters engagement and deepens connections on a platform that companies can customize and brand as their own. Conversations thrive in community discussion software, where users can participate in feedback forums and engage with other fans of your business.

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