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A modern sales solution for rewarding conversations
The Sales Suite

Per rep per monthover 40% off


Reach prospecting credits

150 credits per seat per month
300 credits per seat per month

Reach enrichment credits

3,500 credits per seat per month
10,000 credits per seat per month

Sales pipeline management with native voice, SMS, and email tracking for leads and contacts

Sales goals, forecasting, and core API

Platform extensibility with private and public apps

Power dialer, call scripts, activity reports

Task automation, advanced permissions, product catalog

Chat Widget unbranding and Chat Web SDK

Direct dial phone number and technographic data in prospecting and enrichment results

Prices shown are billed annually. For prices billed month-to-month, click here.

*Usage including inbound and outbound calling minutes, and optional call recording sold separately.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

What’s included in The Sales Suite?

Each rep has access to Sell, Voice, Reach and Chat, at either the Professional or Enterprise edition of each product.

Do all of my reps get access to the products in The Sales Suite?

Yes. All of your reps will have access to Sell, Voice, Reach and Chat. This means no more complications deciding and managing who needs what, and all your reps will be empowered to begin selling immediately.

Can I use Reach prospecting without using The Sales Suite or Sell?

Reach is a deeply integrated prospecting experience and unfortunately cannot be used independently of Sell or The Sales Suite.

What is the data source for Reach prospecting?

Reach prospecting and enrichment is powered by Clearbit, a leader in data and enrichment services.

What if I only want some of the products in The Sales Suite?

The Sales Suite is the simplest way to give your reps everything they need to win more deals, at a great price. If you only want some of the products in The Sales Suite, you can assemble your own solution from our individual products.

Can I buy The Sales Suite together with individual products or other suites?

The Sales Suite can be purchased together with Zendesk add-ons and products that are not in The Sales Suite. The Sales Suite cannot be purchased together with additional seats of Zendesk Sell, Zendesk Chat, or Zendesk Duet.

How do I get up and running on The Sales Suite?

With the Zendesk Sell Implementation and end-user training modules, admins and reps can learn the ins and out of each product and learn best practices of setting up a solution that meets their needs.