Designed with you in mind

A conversation-focused agent workspace
Zendesk Agent Workspace

Everything where it needs to be

Zendesk is built for agents first, which means that the Agent Workspace is made for them. After all, agents just want to deliver seamless support without switching between dashboards or have customers repeat information. With the right tools and data in place, agents can maintain relevant, personal conversations on any channel.

Product photo: unify channels

Unify your channels

The agent workspace puts chat, email, voice, and social messaging all in the same interface. It comes together into a unified conversation, allowing agents to reply quickly and follow up more easily. Agents can easily switch between channels when responding to a customer, like following up from a chat conversation over email, all within the omnichannel composer.

Product photo: context in conversation

Context at your fingertips

Everything you know about a customer can now be in one place. Gather profile information, including contact information, preferred language, and freeform notes. You can also keep track of previous customer interactions, including web page visits and shopping cart activity, to get a full view of their journey. Take it one step further with Zendesk Sunshine to connect events data from external sources.

Product photo: collaborate with teams

Collaborate with ease

Agents often need to loop in other teams — both external and internal — to get help quickly. With Side Conversations, you can reach out to any department over email or Slack. That way, you can get a return invoice, approval from legal, or just a little bit of advice without ever leaving the customer conversation.

Unify your channels
Context at your fingertips
Collaborate with ease

Stay focused

Track conversation updates

Get live updates about incoming messages and respond in real-time across email, chat, phone and messaging. See when a customer is typing a response via chat, or when a new WhatsApp message comes in. That way, you can turn your attention to where it's needed most.

Product photo: track conversation updates
Product photo: superpowered customization

Wrap up in no time

Superpowered customization

Moving from one conversation to the next is made easy with the ability to quickly update ticket metadata from one place. Update ticket forms and fields across channels, or assign a team member to quickly transfer a conversation. Pull in relevant details by integrating with over hundreds of apps in the Zendesk App Marketplace, ranging from workforce management to agent productivity, to have a unified view of the customer issue and offer fast assistance.

Agent Workspace in action

Building personal connections through video
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Their challenge

BombBomb enables 30,000+ customers to connect through the power of video. With a simple Chrome extension or mobile app, BombBomb allows customers to record and send video emails in a matter of seconds. To support their customers, BombBomb uses a variety of channels, including email, chat, phone and social media. But managing these channels all at once can be a challenge, and BombBomb noticed that agent productivity was suffering.

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Our solution

The team switched to the Zendesk Suite, which allows their agents to use the new Agent Workspace. Now, they work with a single set of tools and processes across channels. And with the ability to pull in relevant customer details, apps and ticket fields, they’re getting faster response times across their biggest channels — chat and email. Agents can now respond to incoming chats and follow up over email or phone from one place. Big changes at BombBomb.

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“Our customers reach out to us across several channels, including email, chat and phone, and we want to make sure they’re always able to reach out on the channel they prefer. With Agent Workspace, we’re able to unify these channels in one place so that our support team can offer contextual, personal experiences, which has ultimately helped us boost our CSAT to 98%.”

Jonathan Bolton

SVP of Operations