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What is call center software?

Call center software (or contact center software) lets phone calls from your customers and users reach your agents for customer service, solutions and sales. In the outbound contact model, it is where your agents place calls to prospective customers.

Zendesk Talk is call center software built directly into the Zendesk Support ticketing system.

Customers want contact

Good customer experience is the main goal of every contact center. Every call is important, and a strong technology platform provides your agents with the tools they need to make a favorable impression.

Contact center software does more than make phone calls and allow live interaction. It includes integration with information resources so that agents in the call center can quickly access and provide solutions to customer problems. Software and technology can upgrade the call center to an online communication channel that is second only to a storefront presence. Interactive voice response (IVR) allows customers to navigate and self-qualify, up to the point where a live agent can take over the phone call.

As opposed to offline resources, call center software offers SMBs and enterprises alike a live, online platform for customer support. To make call center management even easier, most contact center software also operates in the cloud, with integration to systems like CRM, help desk, PBX, knowledge base and social media.
call center software with IVR

The call center counts

Whether in the cloud or on premises, your call center software benefits the agents on your Sales and Support teams by providing a platform for the best possible customer experience and interaction. Using the analytics in the call center solution, management has a sharper view into customer service and satisfaction scores on both inbound and outbound calls. The contact center becomes much more transparent when management can see the results of interactions between agents and customers, often in real time.

When the technology inside the contact center is well implemented, agents add even more value as an outbound sales team. The software provides them with pricing information, solutions and other resources they can deliver directly to prospective customers on the first call. Integration with the company's CRM management system ensures that the call center always has complete details on the relationship with the customer. In addition, cloud software solutions make customer details available on a global basis, to any agent on the network on a call anywhere in the enterprise.

Seize the phone

Whether you connect your contact center phones via VoIP, PBX or cloud, it's time to implement contact center software. If you value customer service, interaction and customer experience as much as your competitors do, you'll provide your agents with a software solution they can use to turn your call center into a resource for your Sales and Support teams.

Your IT team can configure the phone system and obtain any necessary hardware. Most call center software is not complex to set up, and dashboards and workflows make long-term management of the contact center solution easy.

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk Talk is software designed for conversations with customers, users and prospects. The software helps agents reach solutions to complex issues faster. Integrated with Zendesk Support, Talk provides access to full customer history, automation and call recording so agents can focus on conversations instead of workflow.

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