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Increasing efficiency with Agent Workspace

Increased customer satisfaction, more efficient agents, and better conversational experiences. That's Agent Workspace.

Our Agent Workspace is a new, unified interface for customer service agents that keeps conversations, context, and integrations together in a single view.

While the standard interface can be used to organize tickets, the Agent Workspace is optimized for modern customer experiences. Switching to the Agent Workspace makes it possible to access web, mobile, and social messaging features, no-code bot-building tools, and our latest AI innovations. In this guide, we outline the reasons why our customers are making the switch, compare each interface, and share a story of customer success to illustrate how the Agent Workspace creates better experiences for agents and customers alike.

To learn more about the Agent Workspace, check out the free guide.

Better conversational experiences with Agent Workspace

Learn how our unified agent workspace creates better outcomes for customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and resolution times.