About the Zendesk Benchmark

We started the Zendesk Benchmark to give organizations a way to measure their customer service performance against their peers.

It isn’t a survey or an expert opinion—it’s a data index based on actual customer service and support interactions from more than 45,000 participating organizations across 140 countries.

Turning mountains into molehills

Every day, the Zendesk family of products handles 13 million interactions between companies and their customers. That’s a lot of data to explore. Luckily, our Data Science Team is committed to uncovering patterns and insights for our customers. Here’s where you can start to take action.

Meet your customers anywhere. Strengthen your support.

Businesses that use omnichannel support provide better customer service, while businesses operating channels in silos limit their ability to meet customers where they are. An integrated support strategy means your customers spend less time waiting for a response and resolve their issues faster.

Find out why

Multiple channels. Better customer support.

It’s true, all customers aren’t the same. Within the first month, both B2C and B2B businesses move quickly to launch additional support channels to keep up with customer needs and expectations.

How to add more channels

Learn more to understand more

Data doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to look for. With our library of customer experience resources, you can research what matters to you and learn best practices from over 45,000 organizations.


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