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Groupon: Defenders of the Customer Experience

January 27, 2011

“Zendesk’’s macros are incredibly easy to use and customize. We know how we’ll they’’re working whenever a customer writes back to us and says, ‘It’’s so nice to deal with a human rather than a robot!’” –Joe Harrow, Director of Customer Service, Groupon Launched in November 2008, Groupon features a daily deal on the best […]

Meet Us in Toronto and Chicago

January 26, 2011

Zendesk’s VP of Business Development, Michael Hansen, will be in Toronto on Wednesday, February 2nd and would like to buy drinks for any proud Zendesk customer, aficionado or support super star. Join Michael for a few beers and a story or three at Pogue Mahone. Then our resident jet setter will be in Chicago on Thursday, […]

What’s the future of customer support?

January 26, 2011

We posted a question on LinkedIn Questions: What will customer service and a great customer experience be like in 5 or 10 years time? We received a LOT of responses from a variety of people working in a variety of professions, and despite the wide-ranging points of view, one clear theme did emerge: robotic, impersonal […]

Responding to Nightmare Customers

January 26, 2011

A recent NPR article about a good Samaritan taking his mugger out to dinner got us thinking about angry customers. Yeah, the correlation might not be immediate, but check this out. Julio Diaz, a social worker, was recently mugged in the Bronx. After being robbed, Diaz offered his assailant, a teenager, his jacket and ended up buying […]

Conversations: Zendesk COO Zack Urlocker

January 25, 2011

Zendesk founder and CEO Mikkel Svane welcomes Zack Urlocker to the Zendesk team. Zack comes from MySQL and talks about what brought him to Zendesk and how the product can grow without losing its fundamental message: Love Your Help Desk. To learn more about Zack’s background at MySQL check out Zendesk’s official announcement.

What Makes a Community Manager Tick

January 25, 2011

A few years ago, community manager positions were few and far between and only found at startups where the dress code mandated the wearing of flip-flops. Today, even the most buttoned up companies are scrambling to add community managers among its ranks. It is now one of the most sought after jobs out there. So thankful […]

Zendesk Welcomes Zack Urlocker as Its COO

January 25, 2011

Today, we’ve officially announced that Zack Urlocker has joined our team as Chief Operating Officer. Despite his boyish looks, Zack is what the Silicon Valley Press describes as a veteran technology executive, bringing more than 20 years of marketing and management experience to Zendesk. His resume lists one amazing achievement after the other, and he […]

More About Groupon’s Millionth Ticket (and Why It Rocks)

January 22, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the millionth support ticket processed by Groupon’s customer support team. To us, the milestone was so significant, we thought it warranted a flight out to the company’s corporate headquarters in Chicago so we could deliver a giant green cake. When a company can offer that kind of customer support, it […]

Infographic: How Accents Impact Customer Service

January 20, 2011

DISCLAIMER: By publishing this infographic, Zendesk is not implying that call centers that employ people with accents are bad. Please pause and consider what we’’re really trying to say; right or wrong, studies show that customers who are assisted by a support agent with an accent that they find hard to understand report having a […]

Props to Propel

January 20, 2011

They say Corporate America has no sense of humor. Are “they” right? Find out by following Write The Company — a consumer humor blog consisting of crazy consumer affairs and customer service letters about everyday products, services and brands … and what the companies behind them had to say about it. Every Thursday, Zengage brings […]

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