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When things go well: Harvesting lessons from great service at Chase Bank

May 24, 2010

In the world of customer service, we all love to share our bad experiences – the canceled flight, the forgotten appetizer, the terrible call center support agent, and so on. While there are many lessons to be learned from negative experiences, we can also identify and learn from our good ones. We heard a story […]

Customer Service and Social CRM – Finding the Common Points

May 21, 2010

Last year Gartner published their Predicts 2010 report, part of which included a paper about the intersect between customer service and Social CRM. The gist of the report is that web based customer service tools will become more prevalent and that these tools will form more of a connection point between business’ internal processes and […]

Sorry. We Messed Up.

May 20, 2010

We’ve spent the last two and a half years building this company by putting our customers first and meeting their needs. When we decided to make a change to the Zendesk pricing structure for our existing customers, we tried to be as thoughtful, transparent, and straightforward as possible. We failed. We let you down. And […]

Doing business in the Social Media world

May 19, 2010

Social Media has become the buzzword of almost any business, particularly business online. But pin the average business down and ask them how they should be conducting their business using Social Media, and I bet you’ll get all manner of different responses. Luckily, there’s people here to help you. Social Media in Business 2010 is […]

Three Models for Customer Engagement

May 18, 2010

Love your help desk. That’s been the Zendesk tagline since day one. Phrased by my co-founder Alexander, it really nails what Zendesk is all about: After so many years of bad customer support experiences, we wanted to give the world an opportunity to get great service experiences. From the receiving side, from the providing side, […]

Zengage and The Art of Customer Engagement

May 18, 2010

On top of all of the great product and company announcements today, we have a “one more thing” and we think it’s a pretty big one. We’ve always been pretty happy bloggers here at Zendesk with more than 300 posts over the last couple of years. As with our product, we believe that a good level […]

What does friendly customer service mean? A conversation with Zappos

May 18, 2010

Recently over at AmazingServiceGuy, Kristina Evey wrote a post about the friendliness factor and how it relates to customer satisfaction. In her post, Kristina wrote that: Customers make their purchasing decisions based on how they feel. When they are developing relationships with their service and product supplies, a person who smiles, is inviting, and is […]

Fear and Loathing in Customer Tech Support

May 18, 2010

Suppose you surveyed your customers on their satisfaction with your products and support services and discovered widespread fear and loathing, like: 64% of your customers have suffered “anguish or anxiety” from using your products 20% of customers who have used your support services rate them “poor” or “terrible” 42% of your support customers are unhappy […]

5000 Customers and Counting

May 18, 2010

Today we’re absolutely psyched to announce that 5,000 companies around the world are now using Zendesk for support, service and customer engagement. It’s almost exactly one year ago that we announced our 1,000th customer and the journey since then has been awesome. We currently process more than 1.5 million support requests per month and 10 […]

The Email Contract

May 18, 2010

These days there’s a lot of talk about what the preferred channel of customer service and support will be in the future. Especially with the growth of the social web and new communication channels like Twitter. We of course find that theme extremely interesting, and I can promise you that Zendesk will be your trusted […]

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