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The fastest service in the west (and everywhere else)

July 2, 2013

When it comes to retail, one of the most important ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is customer service

Tip of the week: designing ticket forms

July 1, 2013

I’m always amazed at the number of truly successful support organizations that don’t have any custom fields in their Zendesk – or maybe just 1 or 2

How to get the right info from your customers and solve tickets faster

June 26, 2013

There are so many ways to effectively manage your company’s influx of tickets. You may be getting tickets about everything from product questions to order status to complaints—or even

Five customer service trends on the rise

June 24, 2013

See which customer service trends have gained momentum

Tip of the week: the 2-for-1 approach to customer service

June 21, 2013

Frequently, we will get multiple requests from the same customer seeking the same support. Some people like to put out multiple lines when they go fishing, etc

Why retailers are buzzing about “omnichannel”

June 20, 2013

Shoppers today have a lot of choices: there are more ways than ever to find and explore products. The reality is that a lot of us use a mix of online and offline

When bugs attack: how video game publishers can survive game-breaking problems

June 18, 2013

With the enormous pressure and strict deadlines heaped upon today’s big-budget video games, release-day bugs are inevitable. What can publishers do to prevent these bugs from becoming customer service nightmares?

Community tip: Zendesk + JIRA

June 17, 2013

The life of customer success managers and support project managers is very much focused on makeing sure clients are happy, but also ensuring that the Technical Support Team and the Development Team are communicating properly

Broaden your team’s horizons with events

June 12, 2013

Building a customer support team that enjoys working together and coming to work every day with enthusiasm requires a creative touch

Step-by-Step Guide to Zendesk and Salesforce Integration

June 12, 2013

With united sales and support teams, a seamless customer experience is possible.

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