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Zendesk Documentation

Zendesk is a powerful platform for managing support; you’ll be amazed at what you can do with it. To learn how to use Zendesk, from the basics to the advanced, explore our documentation and learning resources.


The Zendesk Glossary is a great jumping off point. You’ll quickly learn the key concepts and terminology you’ll use every day in Zendesk.

Getting Started

The Getting Started Tutorials guide you step-by-step through setting up your Zendesk; as well as lays the groundwork for many of the essential day-to-day help desk tasks.

Agent Guide

The Agent Guide describes all of the agent-facing features of Zendesk for managing end-users, creating views and macros, and managing and solving tickets.

Administrator Guide

The Administrator Guide is your source for all the details about using Zendesk. It explains the features, workflows, and how to manage support with Zendesk.

Rest API v2 and App Framework References and Guides

For our technically minded users, Zendesk provides you with all the documentation you need to integrate with and extend Zendesk’s functionality.

Deprecated Developer Guides


Join us and other customers for live demonstrations exploring the many features and tools for managing your support workflow with Zendesk. Not able to make a live demo? Sign up for a demo at a later time or check out our ondemand demos here.

Practical Zendesk Administration by Stafford Vaughan

In this hands-on guide, author Stafford Vaughan provides the most comprehensive set of best practices for setting up and using Zendesk, distilled from years of training companies how to launch their own Zendesk support solution. Available at Amazon.