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Infographic: Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future

May 24, 2011

Your laptop isn’t irrelevant yet, but it might be soon. Sales of web-enabled smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed web-enabled laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. By 2016, the number of mobile apps downloads are estimated to reach 44 billion and the worldwide online app market is expected to grow from approximately $6.8 billion in 2010 […]

Mobile Support Gets More Powerful With Our New iPhone and iPad Updates

May 24, 2011

Today, Zendesk is happy to announce new releases of its Zendesk for iPad and Zendesk for iPhone apps. These updates make Zendesk’s mobile strategy even more powerful by providing support agents with the greatest flexibility in viewing, updating, and managing support requests anytime, anywhere. Given the fact we’ve witnessed 100,000 Zendesk mobile help desk software […]

Too many passwords? Access Zendesk using your Google and Facebook logins

May 20, 2011

Today, companies can now access Zendesk with their familiar Google or Facebook logins. These new integrations make customer engagement easier by removing the barrier of having to remember multiple passwords across applications, or having to log in and out of different platforms. Multiple usernames and passwords are not only difficult to remember, but also inefficient […]

We Crashed. Twice. Sorry.

May 20, 2011

The Zendesk Ops team after the incident this morning. From left to right: David Nghiem (Ops Engineer), Mikkel Svane (CEO), Adrian McDermott (VP of Engineering), Richard Nghiem (Ops Engineer), Ben Osheroff (Senior Software Engineer), and Morten Primdahl (CTO). Tim Sturge (Director of Ops) was timely on vacation during the incidents.”  Read more….

Tip of the Week: How to Avoid Agent Collision

May 20, 2011

You’ve probably seen this scenario before. You’re working on a ticket, selecting the relevant fields, making a comment, and then you hit submit. Zendesk tells you that someone else has updated the ticket while you’ve been working on it. Annoying, right? That’s a collision: Two agents working on the same ticket, but haven’t seen each […]

Beyond Email: How Google Apps And Zendesk Make Perfect Match for Customer Support

May 20, 2011

A significant number of enterprises are moving their IT capabilities into the cloud, and no one seems to be benefiting more from this trend than Google, who according to a recent study by White Stratus has seen its Google Apps product deployed at nearly 1 in 5 enterprises in the US. However, many companies are […]

Infographic: Why You Can’t Ignore Twitter

May 18, 2011

Because Twitter claims to have more than 175 million users, and 93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media, and 85% of those users believe a company should interact with their customers, and 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product, and 58% of people who said if […]

Gartner Predicts Social Media Will Be a Support Tool Among 40 Percent of the Top 1,000 Companies

May 18, 2011

By now, most companies have gotten the memo about brand management via social media. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, you know the drill. As corporate social media strategy matures, what’s on the horizon? It’s customer service. “In 2010, only 5 percent of organizations took advantage of social/collaborative customer action to improve service […]

Bad News Travels Fast: Why Social Media Needs to Be a Part of Your Support Strategy

May 16, 2011

A new study by loyalty-marketing company COLLOQUY proves the truism that consumers are more likely to complain far and wide about a bad experience than they are to share the news about a good one. In fact, 26% of the people surveyed said that they were far more likely to spread the negative word. Of […]

Stop the Dreaded HTTP 405 Errors on IE 9

May 13, 2011

The Zendesk application uses the TinyMCE editor with the ts_advimage plugin for image uploading. The combination has served us well for quite some time. Recently, though we’ve been getting lots of complaints from users who are getting HTTP 405 errors on IE9. After some digging, I found that the problem was how the ts_advimage plugin […]

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