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Are there ways to organize my end-users in Zendesk?

May 13, 2011

A: Yes. If you run a help desk that serves different groups of people, you should try using Organizations. Organizations give you another way to set up your support workflow. Just like you can set up Triggers and other business rules based on things like keywords in a ticket, or how long it has gone […]

Zendesk + Ifbyphone = Superb Solution for FundNET’s Support Platform

May 11, 2011

FundNET Systems creates software that helps investment advisers seamlessly connect with brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, etc. with high quality web-based tools such as compliant websites, e-newsletters, client surveys and investment statements. Before discovering Ifbyphone, FundNET was dealing with a phone company that charged high rates for basic phone, voicemail, and toll-free services – which […]

Build a Virtual Call Center With Our New Call Distributor Widget

May 11, 2011

Our customers can now harness the power of brick-and-mortar call centers without having to hire loads of additional agents, invest in additional hardware, or keep agents tethered to their desks. Thanks to our powerful new Ifbyphone integration organizations of any size can build a virtual call center for their sales or support teams. Incoming calls […]

How We Got Hip on Groupon’s Customer Support

May 10, 2011

Everyone wants to know how Groupon does it. How it’s managed to acquire more than 25 million subscribers in North America and more than 50 million worldwide in less than three years. How it’s grown to support more than 200 deals a day, when only a year ago it was supporting a handful. How it […]

Infographic: Grade Your Customer Support With This Report Card

May 9, 2011

In this bold new era of online support, companies have had to get much more proactive about customer support. It’s why we launched our Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature which enables companies to collect feedback from their customers, analyze that feedback, and fix any issues immediately. In some cases, we hope it can help companies revamp […]

Webinar: Learn About Our Customer Satisfaction Ratings Feature

May 9, 2011

All webinars have been moved here. Original air date: May 4, 2011 Every business measures its success by tracking a variety of metrics, from opportunities and sales to revenue and expenses. But there is one metric that holds the key to the future of every business – customer satisfaction. Now, with Zendesk, your company can […]

Love Your Knowledge Base With Zendesk + MindTouch

May 6, 2011

Knowledge bases can be one of your powerful customer support tools, yet far too many fail to receive the attention and consistent cultivation they truly need to wow your customers. Which is too bad because knowledge bases empower your customers to resolve issues independent of your support team, all the while providing them with the […]

Javascript Loves CI

May 5, 2011

Jenkins + Jasmine + PhantomJS + JSHint We write a great deal of Javascript here at Zendesk, and we use a few great tools to help us make sure we’re committing solid code. First, we run it through JSHint, a slightly-more-friendly port of JSLint. Second, we use Jasmine to test the code. These tools work […]

Laughing Squid: We Salute You and Your 2011 Webby Award

May 3, 2011

We want to be one of the first to offer Scott Beale and the rest of the gang at Laughing Squid a heartfelt congratulations for being this year’s People’s Voice winner for best culture blog in the 2011 Webby Awards. One of our earliest customers in San Francisco, Laughing Squid continues to be a very […]

There’s Nothing Smug About SmugMug’s Support Team, Which Handles 1,000 Requests Per Day

May 3, 2011

Pictured above: Members of SmugMug’s amazing Support Super Heroes contingent. Zendesk gave us instant gratification. With Zendesk we were set up in only a few days and it immediately improved the quality, speed and efficiency of our customer service. –Andy Williams, Chief Operating Officer, SmugMug SmugMug is the fastest growing digital photography web site on […]

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