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A Few Tips

November 5, 2007

Take an end-user position Have you wondered what the self-service support portal and the ticket-interface looks like for a regular end-user. See for yourself. Choose MANAGE / Users and create an end-user. Select that user and click either “Assume” in the list view, or “Temporarily login as Username” on the profile-page. Now you are that […]

Getting Zendesk Support

October 29, 2007

As planned we have taken our own medicine and launched Zendesk Support on a Zendesk help desk. Zendesk clients can visit and register themselves for free mail support and access to our support portal. Or send an e-mail to and you’ll have a verification link mailed back to you. Please notice that only […]

The Irony of ITIL

October 22, 2007

The ITIL blogosphere (if such exists) has been abuzz with predictions of ITILs forthcoming demise, fueled by a report from consulting firm BT INS concluding that “ITIL usage has leveled off at just over half of IT organizations, after a big jump between 2004 and 2006.” Although this may sound alarming to some, facts are […]

Zendesk Unleashed: Instant-On Support Platform

October 19, 2007

By popular demand we’ve today launched a new feature in Zendesk, making the application even more suitable for web application companies as an instant-on support platform. As of today Zendesk supports unregistered users. Just route or redirect your current support@ e-mail address to your new zendesk support e-mail address, and let Zendesk take care of […]

So, You’ve Implemented ITIL? (Pants on Fire)

September 30, 2007

When we first designed Zendesk, we had ITIL compliance as a bullet point. We’re children of the ITIL era and speak ITIL natively. But when explaining the ITIL complex to IT people outside of the IT management world, we quickly realized that we weren’t aiming for ITIL compliance but rather ITIL inherent. In the current […]

Smart Searching

September 30, 2007

Searching in Zendesk works as you would expect; you enter words you wish to search for, and Zendesk returns all items – (tickets, notices and solutions) – that contain ALL of the words entered. The result set is ordered intelligently, e.g. tag matches are ranked higher than content matches. In addition, Smart Search offers various […]

ITIL Scuba Diving

September 30, 2007

The other day somebody asked for my advice on a good ITIL v3 upgrade course. I’m the wrong guy to ask about that, but of course he couldn’t know that. To explain why I need to talk a little bit about one of my hobbies, scuba diving. I scuba dive in my spare time and […]

How About Those Service Requests?

September 28, 2007

Ticket types in Zendesk are limited to incidents, problems and questions. Incidents and problems are well documented with their origin in ITIL. But questions are a bit off. And what about service requests? According to ITIL a key component of a service desk, is the ability to handle requests for services (service requests) defined in […]

Zendesk a Techcrunch100

September 28, 2007

Zendesk applied for the Techcrunch20 competition (later renamed Techcrunch40), which purpose was to identify the 20 hottest start-ups worldwide with products ready to launch. Approx 700 companies applied, and we were amongst the final 100 that were selected for final interviews and diligence, before it was narrowed down to 20, or 40 as it turned […]

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